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THE PRODIGI TV is based in Atlanta, GA, and various chapter offices throughout the world, distributing media in the form of film, tv, video, music, and technology globally to hundreds of countries and over 240 territories.

The ProDigi is an online entertainment experience that connects content lovers with content creators and invites them both to engage and trek together with us on a limitless excursion to the furthest reaches of content, creativity, action and engagement.

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Provision of Department-Style Support and Infrastructure providing solutions in Marketing, Management/Operations Support, and Business Development, Business Analysis, Strategy, and Consulting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ProDigi?

The ProDigi (pronounced "prah-digee") is an entertainment experience offering feature music/videos, movie/film, episodic series, podcasts, and live tv/featured film releases and YouTube type video content for a unique dynamic experience. It provides the perfect home for connecting content creators with their fans and developing the relationship further than the current options in today‚ÄĚs marketplace. The ProDigi offers a growing number of exclusive movies and live channels with 7 days DVR recordings. Allowing subscribers and free users to plug in and enjoy at will.

What are the costs?

The ProDigi offers a dynamic premium and free to watch experience, along with one-off featured film releases. Our premium programs start at $5.55 monthly (about 18 cents a day) and enables the subscribers with personalized control of the content and live channels.

How can I watch?

Any Internet-connected device that has a browser offers passage and provides the user with a front row seat to the show. Plug in and begin anew using your iOS/PC laptop, IOS/Android mobile device/tablet, smart TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung electronic and/or Apple TV.